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Torch LMS – ASTD Training Industry Presentation

Gilfus Education Television Network.

A Training Industry Insight presentation at the Gilfus Education Group’s Innovation Showcase Theater: “The New Territory of Learning and Development presented by Jake White, President & CEO at Torch LMS. Recorded at the annual ASTD Conference, Denver. May 2012.

It has been said that an organization’s ability to learn faster than its competitors is the ultimate competitive advantage. Prometheus Development Inc. is committed to providing organizations with tools that will help them increase their competitive advantage through learning & development. We are passionate about helping you continuously, and efficiently, improve your workforce.

Our core product is Torch LMS. This system represents a new breed of learning management systems. We prefer to call Torch an “Organizational Development System.” It is the ultimate tool in helping you, as we like to say, “Upsource your Workforce.” We want to help you improve the performance capacity of your greatest (and usually largest) business investment: Your people. We can help you track and maintain regulatory compliance training, as well as determine, implement, and maintain standards of competence across your organization. Torch has all the tools you need to manage, deliver, track, and report on employee development. Torch will empower your organization to capture and disseminate best practices, lessons learned, quickly implement change initiatives, and close skill gaps in your workforce.

The name “Prometheus” comes from Greek mythology. Prometheus was the Titan of knowledge who took fire from Olympus and gave it to humankind. In this story, fire is a symbol of knowledge, technology, and progress. Prometheus means “forethought” in Greek, and in English it has become an eponym denoting “daring creativity or bold originality.” Prometheus was the wisest Titan, and symbolizes human achievement, especially in technology. Prometheus is a fitting symbol for what we do every day at Prometheus Development.

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