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Blackboard Launches Open Source Services Group

Blackboard Inc. today announced the launch of Blackboard Education Open Source Services, a new effort to support clients using open source education technologies. With the announcement, the company will continue to focus on its flagship Blackboard Learn ™ platform as well as ANGEL and Edline, while also helping institutions successfully manage open source learning management systems (LMS) including Moodle and Sakai.

LMS Evaluations (Learning Management Systems)

Every year the Gilfus Education Group assists dozens of academic institutions in evaluating their existing LMS. In addition, many academic institutions embark on their own projects to understand which LMS is the best for them. For various reasons each academic institution selects a specific application, be it open source or proprietary or because of ease of use, costs or, functional and pedagogical reasons. The following are a few examples of independent evaluations done by academic institutions and gathered from their appropriate sites in order to make it easier to compare and contrast each process and the identified results.

Open Source Course Management Systems Get a Shot at Tenure

Sept. 10th 2008
Open source software encourages learning, the exchange of knowledge and information, and project improvements that rely as much on its users, and its developers’ colleagues, as it does the developer. It’s not unlike education. Ideally, learning is a continuous cycle of taking in, processing, and giving back, with modifications.

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