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The World of Educational Dashboards

More sophisticated educational dashboards may contain complimentary operational management and governance functionality as well, aiding in compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act as well as other federal, local, and state mandates—from facilities management to attendance tracking. As education becomes more progressive, the lines between student management and school management are becoming blurred, creating …

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Higher Education Analytics and Dashboards

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger advocate of dashboards in higher education than Arizona State University’s John Rome. Like many academic institutions ASU already had a load of data around campus. It simply needed a way to make it valuable to various constituents. ASU needed a flexible development tool and design principles to put the icing on the cake. John chose a dashboard tool which enabled his team to create education dashboards quickly by pulling academic analytics data from any system, including the data warehouse.

Education Dashboards and Academic Anlaytics are becoming essential in Higher Education

Why Education Dashboards are becoming essential in Higher Education Most educational institutions have had some sort of visual reporting tool in use for about the last 10 years. Different departments have relied on these visual reports to consolidate and view their data. Institutions that had the foresight to develop a tool internally were especially ahead …

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Applying Academic Analytics

Applying the principles of business intelligence analytics to academia promises to improve student success, retention, and graduation rates and demonstrate institutional accountability. The Signals project at Purdue University has delivered early successes in academic analytics, prompting additional projects and new strategies. Significant challenges remain before the predictive nature of academic analytics meets its full potential. …

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Academic Analytics – Minnesota Commits to a Strategy

Implementing an academic analytics strategy holds the potential for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and activities across campus. Such an undertaking, however, would not come without cost. Process reviews, increases in staffing, new training offerings, expanded communications, and software purchases to implement an academic analytics strategy will require resources.

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