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Strategic Initiatives

Gilfus Education Group develops  Strategic Initiatives for international education institutions and 21st century capabilities..

“Over the last few months we have seen increased collaboration high level strategic initiatives within a multitude of organizations.” said Stephen Gilfus, President and CEO of the Gilfus Education Group. “Colleges and universities, associations and professional societies, technology companies and commercial enterprises, government agencies, and other non-profits are looking to make the leap into the 21st century”. “Our team of industry experts is well positioned to help them make change, execute against new strategies and achieve particular goals.”

Gilfus Education Group Strategic Initiatives programs tailor the nature of the consulting engagement to the specific problems and conditions facing each client providing consulting services that solve problems, navigate organizational change, foster innovation, and develop the capacities of individuals, teams, and organizations.

the Gilfus Education Group has developed the following portfolio of capabilities that we deploy to help our clients successfully address two primary challenges:

* Leading and navigating change; and
* Crafting and executing strategies to achieve particular goals.

Through Strategic Initiatives the Gilfus Education Group specializes in developing our clients’ capacity to lead and navigate during periods of transformative change. This includes developing and mobilizing leadership for Knowledge Age endeavors. We have guided our clients through the substantial change that results from new executing new visions and strategies, implementing and leveraging new technologies, reinventing processes and workflow, profoundly reshaping human resources, and developing e-knowledge commerce and practices.

the Gilfus Education Group and its partners can help our clients to solve all of these problems.

    • Developing Organizational Capacity
    • Fostering Innovation and Creativity
    • Transforming Organizational Culture
    • Leveraging Technology to Maximize Value
    • Reinventing Processes
    • Nurturing Communities of Practice

“Developing Strategic Initiatives in Education and building educational institutions around the world is a cornerstone program for the Gilfus Education Group”, “Our team looks forward to working with various countries in developing their educational initiatives and institutions and bringing them into the 21st century.”

the Gilfus Education Group is an independent management and technical consulting organization that brings together a team of highly skilled industry professionals that foster global education innovation. The team partners with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements to education and provides independent consulting, technical implementation and industry research services to educational institutions, industry investors and the educational companies that serve them. Since 1997 the Gilfus Education Group team has served thousands of universities, colleges, schools, academic content providers, education and technology companies in meeting their mission critical planning and technology needs.

Our group consists of individuals of the highest caliber talent and experience in educational research, strategy, planning, and technical implementation services. We provide non-biased approaches to:

        • Developing Global Synergies in Education
        • Education Planning, Policy, Process and Compliancy
        • Institutional and Organization Re-Alignments
        • IT Assessments, evaluations and vendor selections.
        • The Social web and its impact on Educational Institutions
        • LMS Assessments, Evaluations and Vendor Selections
        • Community, Portal and Identity Management Technologies
        • New Media, Content Independence, Management and federated Object Repositories
        • Commercial and Open Source Implementations
        • Standards based Systems Integration and Customization Services
        • Business re-engineering and Market Positioning

With a foundation of more than a decade of unparalleled experience and success leading the eLearning industry, the Gilfus Education Group brings every project unmatched capabilities and personalized focus to achieve outstanding results. The team focuses on fulfilling educational planning and the eLearning, Portal, Content, Infrastructure and Technology needs of R1 institutions, state systems, community colleges, virtual high schools, K12, commercial and government clients across the world. Based in Washington, DC, the firm is led by one of the most respected and innovative executives in the education industry.

      • Strategic Advisory
      • Education Marketing
      • Security and Compliance
      • LMS and eLearning Consulting
      • Enterprise Resource Planning
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