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Sakai Consulting

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Since 1997 the Gilfus Education Group has designed, implemented, and managed education technology solutions for major universities, colleges, and corporations.

Our team provides capabilities around open source solutions including enterprise deployments of Sakai. Our Sakai consulting services and expertise includes custom development and integration with campus portals, collaboration, learning, calendaring, and e-mail technologies in addition to othe LMS, ERP and Content Management systems.

One of the Gilfus Education Group’s greatest strengths is its expertise in planning new and expanded Sakai implementations. Major academic institutions have utilized the Gilfus Education Group consultants to successfully implement Sakai as a compelling alternative to proprietary learning and collaboration software.

Two major issues academic institutions communicate is their need and desire for more choices and more control. Sakai gives them both. Sakai is a full-featured viable alternative and it enables them to control the amount of their investment, how and where they invest, and even choose when to upgrade their software. Whether an institution is replacing costly proprietary software, or desires to build/integrate new applications, Gilfus Education Group can provide a range of services to maximize the benefits of open source software. These services include consulting, implementation, branding, migration, custom software development, integration, training, and support.

Consulting and Mentoring for Sakai
Sakai is a valuable asset to higher education institutions in creating a collaborative and learning environment for the online campus. Gilfus Education Group provides knowledge and resources that are required in building out the Sakai CLE and ensuring Sakai’s long-term success.

Sakai Consulting Services
Gilfus Education Group’s consulting services help in advising institutions on how to take full advantage of Sakai to meet their business objectives. These services assist customers with projects such as a major migration from other LMS solutions to Sakai.

General Sakai mentorship affords institutions access to a Unicon developer-consultant experienced in working with Sakai. This consultant provides general mentorship and consulting support, answers questions, helps staff to execute on development and configuration tasks, performs research and produces documentation as requested. Mentorship assists in knowledge transfer to grow an institution’s expertise in the development of the Sakai collaborative and learning environment and for maintaining the Sakai instance.

More Sakai Consulting Services are available from the Gilfus Education Group.

Contact the Gilfus Education Group to learn more on Sakai Consulting: Contact Us

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