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Mellon Foundation awarded a $2.38 million grant to Indiana University

Mellon Foundation awarded a $2.38 million grant to Indiana University
With 2010 well underway, there is an update on changes and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and USC team members. Also, survey results from Kuali Days VIII are available for review. Note: Links may require login to KS Confluence and appropriate permissions.

Kuali Student and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
The Kuali Foundation Board has commented on the recent changes at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation with the merger of its Research in Information Technology (RIT) program into the Scholarly Communications program (to be renamed).

From the Kuali Student perspective, the changes at the Mellon Foundation will have no impact on the project. The original $2.5 million grant provided to the project has been fully received. Furthermore, Kuali Student is designed to be financially self-sustainable with seven institutions committing $5 million each. Kuali Student will also be seeking to expand partnerships with other institutions as critical milestones are reached.

In continued support of Kuali, Mellon Foundation awarded a $2.38 million grant on Monday to Indiana University to lead Kuali OLE (Open Library Environment) project, a partnership of research libraries dedicated to managing increasingly digital resources and collections.

USC Update
The University of Southern California (USC) begins to roll on resources this month. Two developers are scheduled to start in late January, while two Business Analysts are expected by early February. USC is also seeking to fill a User Experience position.

Kuali Days VIII Survey Responses
The Kuali Student survey from Kuali Days VIII has closed. With 16 completed surveys, 85 percent of respondents found the content of Kuali Student sessions to be “excellent” or “good.” Fourteen percent considered the content “adequate”, while no respondents said it was “insufficient.” Similarly, 85 percent of respondents described the KS presenters as “excellent” or “good.” Team members can review the survey’s statistical analysis and the raw responses (in the process of being uploaded) on the KS wiki.

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