the Gilfus Education Group presents the K12 Education Congress.

We all know that for any district wide implementation to have maintained success it’s important to get understanding and buy-in from the people on the ground floor, the Teachers. To achieve this there are multiple trade shows, conferences and technology forums.

At the other end of the spectrum sit the District Leaders who are making critical decisions everyday on differentiated Instruction, student and teacher tracking and assessment, professional development and implementing the latest technology. You will find these leaders at the 2012 K12 Education Congress.

Welcome Address

Richard Culatta

US Department of Education
Deputy Director, Office of Educational Technology

The K12 Education Congress is made up of an association of Superintendents and Senior Administrators responsible for Curriculum & Instruction, Technology, Assessment and Professional Development. The participants of this congress will have an opportunity to network with their peers and address some of most critical issues facing the K-12 community.

We understand that every conversation, strategic discussion and technology implementation begins with, and should end with, a vision for Student Achievement. We strive to make that vision a reality. Through three days of productive workshops, panel discussions, focused strategy sessions and business meetings you will walk away with new ideas, partnerships and a reinvigorated enthusiasm when it comes to tackling the challenges at your district.