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Educational Consulting Services

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When you are trying to develop and grow your business, having additional resources at your fingertips can prove invaluable. Enter consulting services from the Gilfus Education Group.

With help from our experienced consultants, you can assess your educational needs, quantify your desired results, and leverage direct assistance to achieve your goals. We work with customers of all sizes and industries to provide expert guidance, regardless of what solution you’ve implemented. And because the services are customizable and cover various levels of your organization, you can optimize them to ensure they meet your unique needs.

Take advantage of the following consulting services from Gilfus Education Group Education:

Change management – Focuses on helping you introduce the change process; ensure organizational alignment; and coordinate and integrate key leadership, organizational, technology, and cultural issues so you can achieve goals and objectives

Education needs analysis – Examines your institution’s objectives, user communities, and current implementation or implementation plan and develops recommendations for helping you achieve your goals

Assessment of education scope – Provides your senior management with a clear and easily understood definition of the size, scope, and cost elements required to successfully implement or upgrade solutions

User services and products – Brings consulting, customized training, documentation, and the latest computer-based tools to your employees, so you can improve daily operations, streamline training time, and increase user productivity

Training planning and support – Provides you with advice on organizational training requirements such as upgrades, new functionality and application implementation, and rollouts, and addresses training needs related to attrition, new hires, and improvement initiatives.

Contact the Gilfus Education Group to learn more on Education Consulting: Contact Us

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