Datatel Announces General Availability of Intelligent Learning Platform

Based on the Gilfus Education Group White Paper – The Enterprise Education Platform and the Intelligent Leanring Platform Datatle aunches combined ERP/LMS Aproach.

Higher Education Administration Fuses with Teaching and Learning for Total Student View

FAIRFAX, Va. (BUSINESS WIRE), June 23, 2010 – Ensuring student success at colleges and universities took a major step forward today as Datatel announced the general availability of the company’s Intelligent Learning Platform™, a cohesive teaching and learning solution that addresses the costly fragmentation and other deficiencies of traditional learning management systems. By integrating fully Datatel Colleague® enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and Moodle, a teaching and learning system, the Intelligent Learning Platform provides administrators and faculty a common 360-degree view of their students to support and retain them and help them to achieve success. Datatel released the Intelligent Learning Platform on the heels of a stringent and successful beta testing program that was completed recently by six higher education institutions.

Colleges and universities implementing the Datatel Intelligent Learning Platform will realize immediate cost savings over traditional learning management systems. This is possible because the Intelligent Learning Platform does not require the separate license fees, maintenance, and added resources that are required when the administrative and teaching and learning systems stand apart.

Moodle, the teaching and learning component, is open-source software that delivers substantial savings for colleges and universities. Moodle is deployed within the Datatel Intelligent Learning Platform either as a hosted service through Datatel’s partner Moodlerooms or as an on-site installation.

“Our experience beta testing the Datatel Intelligent Learning Platform has exceeded our expectations,” said John R. Davis, CIO at Marietta College. “It has shown us that technology need not be costly or complex to provide a true and complete view of students to serve and retain them. We plan to migrate from WebCT to Moodle over the summer. And as a Datatel client running Colleague, the tight integration of Moodle and Colleague within the Intelligent Learning Platform makes perfect sense any way you look at it.”

“The Intelligent Learning Platform represents the natural and exciting evolution of the learning management system into a fully integrated teaching and learning solution for higher education,” said Wayne Bovier, Datatel senior product manager for Learning Management Solutions. “By fusing teaching and learning with administrative ERP, the full potential of technology in support of student success is realized at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone learning management systems. We expect that this approach will become the norm in virtually every higher education institution in the coming years.”

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