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Higher Education and K12 School Consultants

Our Institutional Performance Management through Design Thinking school process is a holistic approach to organizational performance improvement aligning people, processes and technology to refined organizational missions and visions. We provide clients with a tailored, proven framework for performance excellence and partner with them to help strengthen their institutions, build capacity, and achieve results. Through effective assessment and evaluation and change management our advisors build a high performance culture. We will jointly craft and execute new strategies for the future through thought leadership, and expert facilitation.

We provide clients with thought leadership, expert facilitation, staff development, and augmented staff support as we jointly craft and execute new strategies for the future.

Experts in guiding change. We provide clients with thought leadership, experience in change management and continuing executive and administrative support as they navigate turbulent landscapes we specialize in strengthening leadership at the executive and board levels and capacity at all levels.

We provide clients with a tailored, proven framework for performance excellence and partner with them to help strengthen their institutions, build capacity, and achieving the required results.

Our expert consultants provide offerings that encompass the full range of strategic and tactical solutions. From overall recruiting communications and marketing strategies to tuition pricing, competitive positioning, retention enhancement strategies, and the tactical implementation of CRM systems.

Concentrating on the new paradigm of the whole person increases student retention, success and efficacy along the entire student life-cycle. the Gilfus Education Group team members can work with your institution to create strategies that can work for your student body.

Online Enablement

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Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace Teaching and Learning

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Our team literally wrote the book on “online enablement’ with experiences from the deployment of programs across 2700 institutions.

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Technology selections are critical as they map to business process and effective deployment of organizational missions. Be it ERP, CRM, LMS or other, we can assist you making the right decision.

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The Bring Your Own Device phenomenon is reshaping the way organizations are purchasing, managing, delivering education and training.

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  • Market Sizing and Demand Analysis
  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Positioning and Brand Analysis
  • Market Segmentation and Key Segments
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Custom Market Research

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  • User interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Online surveys
  • Contextual interviews
  • Task analysis
  • Card sort exercises
  • Heuristic assessments
  • Web analytics review
  • Social network and media analysis


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