Businesses: Developing Markets. Increasing the Pipeline. Acquiring and Retaining Customers.

As the nation’s leading advisor to both early stage and established education and training companies, the Gilfus Education Group is one of few firms built on a foundation of education, technology, and entrepreneurial principles, with an ethos of innovation and creative strategy. The firm’s unique expertise allows us to deliver innovative solutions specifically aimed at helping client companies grow, from advising early stage companies with the development of successful growth strategies, to helping mature organizations prepare for their next level of maturity and liquidity events.The firm’s expertise allows the Gilfus Education Group to find unique solutions specifically aimed at helping client companies grow, from advising early stage companies with growth strategy, to assisting mature operations in preparation for their next level of maturity or liquidity events.

Business Planning

To arrive at your strategic business plan, Gilfus Education Group consultants use a series of facilitated planning sessions, accompanied by small focus group discussions with your key stakeholders to gather valuable input and information. We carefully tailor the number of facilitated sessions and focus groups to match your institution’s size and complexity and can assist you with planning the successful future of your organization.

  • Develop business models and plans
  • Provide decision analysis
  • Develop and analyze business metrics
  • Conduct financial and business due diligence
  • Strategies for new market entries and business acquisitions and exits

Market Research and Validation

Our knowledgeable team can help you to understand your customers and learn what they need. Focus groups, email marketing, field communication, and online surveys (both qualitative and quantitative) are just some of the tools that we can use to gather valuable market data for you and your organization. Our expertise in the hierarchical structure of the education market and our deep understanding of how adoption decisions are made enable us to provide you with seamless support and guidance as your company launches an educational technology product or service. the Gilfus Education Group has access to panels of seasoned executives at educational institutions who can provide essential feedback on your offerings before they reach the market.The timeliness of this feedback can save you enormous amounts of money by preventing premature launches and ensure that your product will not be released until it is positioned to succeed.

Business Models and Pricing

From single user to enterprise wide and SaaS licensing models, the Gilfus Education Group can assist you. Companies come to the Gilfus Education Group to align their product pricing with its value as well as to create pricing and positioning that will outperform your competition.