Blackboard Announces Continued Support for ANGEL

Company Cancels Plan to End-of-Life Product

WASHINGTON – March 26, 2012 – Blackboard Inc. today updated its plan for supporting clients using the ANGEL learning management platform, extending support for the platform beyond its previously scheduled end date in 2014.

Support for Blackboard Learn ANGEL Edition was scheduled to expire in October 2014. With the change, clients using ANGEL will now be supported indefinitely beyond that date. Blackboard will evaluate the decision on an ongoing basis and provide sufficient notice of any future change to plans for support.

“For the benefit of our customers, we’re extending the timetable for clients using ANGEL so they can leverage a platform they know and trust for a longer period of time,” said Ray Henderson, Chief Technology Officer and President of Academic Platforms at Blackboard. “We recognize that clients continue to be successful with ANGEL and we want to support that work

as part of our larger strategy to support multiple learning platforms.”

Since acquiring ANGEL Learning in 2009, Blackboard has maintained high levels of service and support for clients. The company completed and released ANGEL 8.0 in September 2011, and also released a mobile learning capability for ANGEL users earlier in the same year.

In announcing the extension of support, Blackboard will continue to make investments in ANGEL 8.0 and also reiterated its overall focus on incorporating additional ANGEL features in its flagship platform, Blackboard Learn 9.1, which already includes many of ANGEL’s design elements.

Blackboard also announced today the launch of a new business to support open source technologies in education – Blackboard Education Open Source Services. The business will be led by teams from Moodlerooms and NetSpot which have been acquired by Blackboard. The addition of Moodlerooms brings several former ANGEL executives to Blackboard, including David Mills, former Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of ANGEL Learning.

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