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February 2010

President Barack Obama’s multi-trillion-dollar budget

The administration wants to help an additional 1 million college students by increasing the Pell Grant tuition program by $17 billion, to just under $35 billion. Pell Grants are the main form of college aid to the poor. The maximum grant would increase by $160 to $5,710.
Obama is seeking an increase in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, a $3 billion jump to $28 billion. There could be $1 billion more if Congress agrees to some major changes in the law.

Gilfus Education Group attends Microsoft Global Education Summit

On February 3 – 5, 2010 the Gilfus Education Group will be attending Microsoft Global Education Summit (GEPS) in Redmond, WA. GEPS is an invite-only event held in the headquarters of Microsoft Corporation. It recognizes the Microsoft partners who provide innovative capabilities for educational market all over the world. If you have any questions about …

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President Calls for Greater Investment in Education

Secretary Duncan joined other Cabinet members in the House chamber to hear the President’s remarks and had this reaction afterward, “The President said ‘when’ we reauthorize not ‘if.’ He clearly wants to moves forward on reauthorization and that’s what we’re doing.

Mellon Foundation awarded a $2.38 million grant to Indiana University

From the Kuali Student perspective, the changes at the Mellon Foundation will have no impact on the project. The original $2.5 million grant provided to the project has been fully received. Furthermore, Kuali Student is designed to be financially self-sustainable with seven institutions committing $5 million each. Kuali Student will also be seeking to expand partnerships with other institutions as critical milestones are reached.

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