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February 2, 2010

Mellon Foundation awarded a $2.38 million grant to Indiana University

From the Kuali Student perspective, the changes at the Mellon Foundation will have no impact on the project. The original $2.5 million grant provided to the project has been fully received. Furthermore, Kuali Student is designed to be financially self-sustainable with seven institutions committing $5 million each. Kuali Student will also be seeking to expand partnerships with other institutions as critical milestones are reached.

Institutional Effectiveness Executive Day

Title: Institutional Effectiveness Executive DayLocation: Redmond, WashingtonDescription: Gilfus Education Group presents the Educational Technology Framework to 35 Provosts, Vice Provosts and CIO’s in Redmond Washington. For more information contact us at: corporate@gilfusdev.wpengine.comDate: 2010/02/02

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