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October 1997

Colleges Sort Through Vast Store of Web Course Tools

October 21st, 1997
For professors who have decided to do so, that new industry offers a dizzying array of tools for developing Web courses. Of the dozen or so leading software packages, some require the use of expensive servers and the support of an information-services department, while others are designed to let professors create on-line course materials with little or no support.

Senior’s company helps to produce Web pages for college courses

October 16th, 1997
CourseInfo employs 11 Cornell undergraduates and one alumnus, making up the company’s three basic departments: finance, product development and sales and marketing. While nine of the employees major in the College of Engineering, three, including Cane, are agricultural, resource and managerial economics majors (ARME) in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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